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First set.

Metal Gear Solid Secrets
By X-Treme (
Text FAQ Version 5.0 - Last Updated 12/30/1998
Copyright @ 1998
| Table of Contents |

3..............................................................FAQ Q & A
4..............................................................Game Secrets
5..............................................................Extra Modes
6..............................................................Camera Photos
7..............................................................Boss Tips
12.............................................................Coming Soon


Hey. I'm X-Treme, and this is my Metal Gear Solid Secrets FAQ.
(Please read below)

I did this FAQ because there are a lot of secrets in MGS but a lot
of people don't know them because they are scattered around everywhere. The
purpose of this FAQ is to try to get all of them in one, neat file for
people to look at and use. This FAQ is no where complete, so if you have any
additions, comments, or criticism, please E-mail it to me at, I will give you credit. This FAQ will be updated whenever
needed, so please, if you have anything, send it over. I promise it will be
in the next revision.

If you wish to use anything on this FAQ you must give credit to There are many spoilers in this FAQ, so, if you have stumbled
upon here, but do not wish to have any of the game given away, don't read


Revision History:

V1.0 (11-22-98) - Initial Release

V2.0 (11-22-98) - Added Frequencies, Meryl Cam Secret, Third Ending
Rumor, Text and Navigation Issues, Table of Contents Fix,
Elaboration on Extreme Mode, more on Red Ninja, and Boss Stats.

v3.0 (11-30-98) - Sorry for the long wait but the Thanksgiving
holiday pretty much knocked me out.
called me on a few things I had wrong and threw in some
more boss tips. For me to use. Also, the Ninja suit trick is now
on the rumored section, because I am getting conflicting
reports on its existence. I used Spell-Check this time too.

v4.0 (12-8-98) - Added explanations for Big Boss Man Rating and Third
Ending. Added Ratings Section, moved revision section to top
More credits. Updated will now come once a week on Tuesday
(usually). Thanks for all the mails from people who helped.

V5.0 (12-30-98) - Sorry for being "late", there wasn't enough new
Info for another revision. I added the new box crap at the
Beginning of each section. Added Endings section, Ratings
got A HUGE update (must read) and FAQ Q & A section added. I
also added in a Links section where you can find more info. on
Metal Gear Solid. Also included is the new number system in the
In-Game secrets area. This is for if your looking for a specific
secret. Happy Holidays!
Please Read: Sorry this revision was so rushed but I had it all done when my
computer crashed. I will fix the navigation, re-do the ratings section, and
elaborate more on the links section in the next revision. Sorry to all who gave me
new info for this FAQ, anyone who submitted stuff in to me that I promised would get
credit for will be put into the next revision (Hopefully by Sunday).

| FAQ Q & A |
| This is a small section where I just answer a few questions I have been|
|asked about this FAQ. Feel free to send more in if you wish. |

Q: When is this FAQ updated?
A: Usually the beginning of each week, but that will die down once I get most
Of the info added to this FAQ.

Q: How come most of the stuff you have in your Coming Soon section hasn't
Happened yet?
A: Coming Soon doesn't necessarily mean the very next revision. It just means
It "will" happen.

Q: Where can I find this FAQ?
A: Right now only on but I will be sending it to a few more sites,
And, any webmaster or anyone who wants to put this FAQ on there site is
Welcome too, just mail me first (I won't say you can't I just want to know so
I can throw a link to your site on this FAQ.

Q: How did you get this stuff?
A: Most of it I've gotten from either mails, Sages.Ign.Com, or experience. I
Don't steal from other FAQ's and the design of this FAQ is completely

Q: What if I have some comments, or criticsm, or additions? What do I do?
A: Fell free to send whatever you want over to I read ALL
The mail I get, and always reply, no matter what it says.

| In - Game Secrets |
| Here are the secrets that are done inside the game. |
| 1. Stealth 2. Bandana 3. Camera |
| 4. Fa-Mas Tracer 5. Tuxedo 6. Crimson Ninja |
| 7. Meryl/Panties 1 8. Meryl/Panties 2 9. Delivery Truck |
| 10. Meryl Blushing 11. Nice Wolves 12. Piss-Off Mei |
| 13. Meryl Cam 14. Torture Fun 15. Fun Deaths |

1. Stealth - To get the Stealth, Submit to Ocelot's Torture, then complete the
Game (You should receive the ending w/ Ocelot). Replay the game over your
old data and you will have the Stealth in your inventory. The Stealth
grants you invisibility to everything except Boss Battles, Important in
game battles, and Wolves.

2. Bandana - To receive the Bandana, do NOT Submit to Ocelot's Torture. Then,
complete the Game (You should have gotten the Ending w/ Meryl). Play again
over your old data and the Bandana will be in your inventory. The Bandana
grants you un-limited ammo.

3. Camera - To receive the Camera, When you receive a Level 6 security card, go
to the area where you fought Revolver Ocelot (Second Floor Basement,
Hangar). Exit that room (the way you came in) and place a C4 on the wall
to your right. The wall will blow, revealing two new doors. In the first
door is where the Camera is. W/ the camera, you can take pictures (It's
more fun than it sounds).

4. Fa-Mas Laser Gun - To get your Fa-Mas to use laser sights, you must first
have your Bandana. Then, wait until you only have three more bullets left.
Then, Use your bandana, and your Fa-Mas will be able to trace! Very Useful.

5. Tuxedo - To play as Solid Snake in a Tuxedo Suit, beat the game twice using
your old data. Then, on your third game, Snake will change into his Tuxedo
while your going up the first elevator.

6. Crimson Ninja - To fight the Ninja wearing a red costume, beat the game two
times using your old data. Then, the Ninja you fight will be in a weird
Crimson Red get-up. Plus, his icon will appear on the memory card.

7. Meryl in her Underwear 1 - To see Meryl in her Underwear for the first time,
here's what you do. When you're going through the holding ducts to get to
the Darpa Chief's cell, look down into the cell, where Meryl is. Then, Go
back out, down the ladder, and back up again, and look down into her cell
again. Keep doing this five or six more times, and then when you look down
she'll be doing sit-ups.....Without and pants on!

8. Meryl in her Underwear 2 - When you're supposed to find Meryl when she is
masquerading as a soldier, she will immediately run into the bathroom when
caught. If the time when you enter the bathroom and you get to the last
stall is under five seconds, you will catch Meryl w/out her pants on!

9. Delivery Truck - To use the delivery truck for transportation, grab a
Cardboard Box. Then, get in the back of the truck, and get in the Box.
The soldier will get in the truck, and drive the box to the designated
area (It says on the box). You must use a box that has an area written on
it that is different than the one you are in.

10. Nice Wolves - There are two methods to get the wolves not to attack you.
First is, equip Sniper Wolf's handkerchief. The Second (Harder but more
fun) is... First enter the cave and kill all the dogs, except for the
little one near Meryl. Then, shoot Meryl and get into a cardboard box.
The little dog will then "relieve" himself on your box. From then on,
whenever you walk through the caves, equip your box and you'll go through

11. Piss-Off Mei Ling - To Piss off Mei Ling, simply call her 10 times w/out
saving. She'll then get pissed and stick her tongue out at you.

12. Meryl Blushing - To Make Meryl blush, just stare at her in first-person mode.

13. Meryl Cam - Right before you fight Psycho Mantis, when your in the commanders
office, look in first-person mode. You'll actually be looking through
Meryl's eyes.

14. Torture Fun - During the Torture scene, you are tortured a total of 5 times.
If you can survive all 5 of those tortures, all the items in your inventory
Will be put back at full stock (i.e. Full Ammo, Full Rations).

15. Fun Soldier Deaths - Here are some exciting ways to see a soldier die.
Throw them into the lava!!
Strap a C4 to their back!!
Place a claymore in their path!!
Blow them up while there taking a piss!!

| Extra Modes |
|Here are all the Extra Modes you can obtain through completing various tasks|

Time Attack Mode - Defeat all ten levels on Practice Mode
Time Attack Mode is like Practice Mode, except you have a set Time
to complete each mission.

Gun Shooting Mode - Defeat all Ten Levels of Time Attack Mode
Like the previsious. Except, you have a set time to complete all
levels, a set amount of ammo, and you must kill every guard.

Survival Mode - Defeat all ten levels on Gun Shooting Mode
The Hardest of them all. You have to complete all the levels in
under 7:00, and you must conserve your ammo, your not refilled
immediately after each stage. You must also kill all the guards to

Technical Demonstration Mode - Defeat Survival Mode
This mode shows you how to beat all the Gun-Shooting modes in
record time.

Extreme Mode - Complete the Game
Extreme mode is Hard mode x2. It's no radar, rations only dropped
by enemies, harder enemies, less food, less ammo, and more crap factor.

Demo Theater Mode - Complete the Game
The Theater Mode lets you view all the Cut-Scenes and Radio
Transmissions from one game. There are two versions. The first
is obtained by beating the game with the good ending, the second by
beating the game on the bad ending.

Photo Album Mode - Complete the Game w/ the Camera
Let's you edit pictures taken w/ the camera.

| Ghost Photos |
| Here are the ghost photos. These are pictures, that when taken of |
|certain things, show images of the Programmers super-imposed on them. These|
|were taken directly from So, here's their plug. |

1. Kojima: Otacon lab (the picture frame to the right)
2. Matsuhana: Hallway of corpses (outside Otacon's lab)
3. Sato: Comm Twr A (roof destroyed by a Hind D missiles)
4. Nakamura: In Meryl's blood pool (where she is sniped)
5. Shinkawa: Deep in Sniper Wolf's hallway behind the second pillar
6. Uehara: Edge of elevator (the one were the ravens are)
7. Negishi: Sewage waterfall
8. Mizutani: When fighting Metal Gear
9. Korekado: Men's restroom
10. Sasaki: Picture frames in the Commanders room
11. Sonoyama: Torture machine
12. Toyota: Container in the middle of Raven's warehouse
13. Kozyou: Behind the watertank-like structure in the Canyon
14. Shimizu: Wolf dog caves (first crawling point)
15. Kaneda: The mirror located in the Women's restroom
16. Fukushima: Heliport, looking out to sea from cliff
17. Takade: Ninja room, glass atedga
18. Fujimura: Elevator, in the Comm Twr B complex
19. Shikama: Electric floor
20. Kimura: MG underground base, tip of Metal Gear's railgun
21. Kobayashi: Rock in canyon
22. Okajima: Maggots of the real DARPA Chef in cell
23. Nishimura: Next to Baker's corpse
24. Mukaide: Reflection in wolfdog cave puddle
25. Onoda: Where Baker is tied up
26. Kitao: Decoy Octopus (fake DARPA chief) corpse
27. Yoshimura: Dead end of air duct
28. Hirano: Elevator (Comm Twr B) deep in the shaft of top level
29. Muraoka: Water in cargo dock
30. Ishiyama: Heliport top of building
31. Ito: Inside elevator to tank hangar
32. Jerem Blaustein: Sniper Wolf's corpse
33. Yoshioka: Bridge on the third floor of the blast furnace
34. Mori: Lowest point of elevator (Comm Twr B)
35. Kinbara: Darck area of stairs
36. Tougo: End of boiler room (in Blast Furnace where the steam is)
37. Makimura: Hidden armory store room behind the weakened wall)
38. Kutome: Observation room
39. Tanaka: Heliport, sleeping solider
40. Shigeno: Heliport, security area by staircase
41. Yamashita: Tip of nuke warhead in nukestorage room
42. Kobayashi: Johnny Sasaki holding cell, near DARPA chief
43. Scott Dolph: Way down in the dark from the walkway between Comm Tower
A and B

| Boss Tips |
| Here are some tips on beating the bosses in the game, there are other |
|Bosses which I will have tips up for soon. (These stats were taken directly|
|From Expert Gamer, so here is their shameless plug). |

Boss 1: Revolver Ocelot
-10 Shots w/ Socom
-3 to 5 minutes
-Medium Difficulty

1. Just use your gun here, don't use anything else, or else you'll set the
wires off.

Boss 2: Vulcan Raven (Tank Version)
-Grenades (2 on Easy, 3 on everyt hing else)
-5 minutes

1. First, pick up all the Claymores so you don't get f***ed by
them. Then, use a chaff grenade so they don't fire at you. Then, throw
grenades up at him.

2. You can set claymore mines in the tank's path to slow the tank down.

Boss 3: Cyborg Ninja (Gray Wolf)
-Hand to hand (60 hits)
-5 to 7 minutes

1. Have your Thermal Goggles equipped at all times so you can see
him. Then, just play it safe and use your hands until he's down for the

2. Throwing Chaff Grenades at Gray Wolf will explode, leaving him
vulnerable for the duration of the grenade. This is a good time to lay
the smack down on him.

Boss 4: Psycho Mantis
-Fa-Mas (20 Shots)
-3 to 5 minutes
-Medium/Hard (I think he's tougher then Hell)

1. 1st, save right before you get in here. You need to switch your
controller to the second port so he can't read your mi nd. Than, ju st plug
away. don't shoot Meryl though, just use hand-to-hand on her till she's

Boss 5: Sniper Wolf A
-PSG1 (5 Shots)
-4 Minutes

1. Make sure you have the PSG-1. Next, take a diazepam. Next,
equip your thermal goggles. Finally, equip the PSG-1 and fire away.

Boss 6: Helicopter
-Stinger Missiles (15 missiles)
-10 to 15 minutes

1. Just hit and hide. That's all there is to it, and have patience

Boss 7: Sniper Wolf B
-Nikita (8 shots)
-4 minutes

1. Hide behind some snow, fire a Nikita, and go into first person mode
at strike.

2. You can use your Stingers as well, then switch to the Nikita if you wish.

Boss 8: Vulcan Raven
-Stinger, Claymores (4 each) or Nikitas (????)
-5 to 7 Minutes
-Easy (I think he's a pain in the ass)

1. Just be careful and get all the items around you first. And
don't blow yourself up. I recommend Stingers but Nikitas are good and so
are claymores.

Boss 9a: Metal Gear Rex (First Form)
-Stinger (7 missiles)
-5 minutes

1. Throw chaff grenades to screw up his system, then just fire
Stingers away at him. Hit his left shoulder.

Boss 9b: Metal Gear Rex (Second Form)
-Stinger (7 missiles)
-3 minutes

1. Run under his legs to confuse him and hit the cockpit w/ a
stinger missle. This gets hard, watch out so he doesn't step on you.
It'll kill you instantly.

2. Using Stun Grenades will send him dizzy, making running under his legs
MUCH easier. (Highly Recommended)

3. Use a cardboard box, and run under his legs. This will confuse him and
you'll have a much easier battle.

Boss 10: Liquid Snake
-Hand to hand (65 hits)
-3 minute time limit
-Ass Hard

1. You have three minutes to wear him down and knock him off the
bot. This is tough, just pray that your lucky.

2. Don't try to break his neck as he will just toss you off.

3. Whenever Liquid grunts, That means he's going to charge at you. Just get
into crawling position and you'll avoid him.

| Frequencies |
| Campbell/Naomi - 140.85 Mei Ling - 140.96 |
| Master Miller - 141.80 Otacon - 141.12 |
| Meryl - 140.15 Nastasha - 141.52 |
| Deep Throat - 140.48 ????????? - ?????? |
| Ratings |
| Well, here's how it goes. There are 12 tiers of ratings, w/ 4 ratings |
|in each, starting w/ the Flying Squirrel, and ending w/ the Big Boss. |
|I don't have the ratings right now but they are all listed in the latest |
|issue of PSM Online, if somebody could please send them in I will come to |
|your house and dance for you in appreciation (well, I'll just give you |
|credit). I will make a list on this FAQ once I get them. |

Rank 1: Hound, Doberman, Fox, Big Boss
Rank 2: Pigeon, Falcon, Hawk, Eagle
Rank 3: Piranha, Shark, Jaws, Orca
Rank 4: Pig, Elephant, Mammoth, Whale
Rank 5: Cat, Deer, Zebra, Hippopotamus
Rank 6: Koala, Capibara, Sloth, Giant Panda
Rank 7: Chicken, Mouse, Rabbit, Ostrich
Rank 8: Puma, Leopard, Panther, Jaguar
Rank 9: Komodo Dragon, Iguana, Alligator, Crocodile
Rank 10: Mongoose, Hyena, Jackal, Tasmanian Devil
Rank 11: Spider, Tarantula, Centipede, Scorpion
Rank 12: Flying Squirrel, Bat, FLying Fox, Night Owl

Rankings depend on several factors including, how long it takes you to
finish, how many guards you kill, how many rations you eat, how many
times you save, and how many times you continue. Several are very

Rank 1: Finish the game in less than 3 hours, kill 25 baddies or less,
eat one or less rations, no continues

Rank 2: Beat the game in less than two and a half hours

Rank 3: Kill 250 guards or more

Rank 4: Use 130 rations or more

Rank 5: Save the game 80 or more times

Rank 6: Take over 18 hours to beat the game

Rank 7: Any combination of ranks 4,5,6

| Rumored Secrets |
| This is for secrets that haven't been proven to be true but very well |
|could be. |

Ninja Suit - Despite what you may hear, the Ninja suit has not yet been
confirmed. To get it, your supposed to play through the game an
undetermined number of times.

Secret Codec - What's that last slot in the codec for? Rumor has it it used
to hear some of the staff talking.

Another Ending - Is there another Ending? There is a picture of the Demo Theather
where the name BOTH exists. What is that and how is it aquirred?

| Coming Soon! (expect it before new year) |
| Tentative release date and improvements made to my next FAQ. These aren't |
|set in stone but will more than likely happen. |

Endings Explanation Section (Most Important)
More Ratings
Better Picture Directions (the ones from Gamesages are crappy)
GameShark Codes
More Secrets
Smoother Navigation
Mini-Faq/Printable Version (Definetly Going To Happen)
| Credits |
| Section which gives credit to those who have contributed. Please E-mail |
|me if I wrote it down wrong or you'd like some changes. |
|--------------------------------------------------------------------------| - For all his glorious work, wait... That's me.

Memo - For various typos - For, In his own special way, telling me a few
mistakes as well as adding some more boss tips.

Sages.Ign.Com/ - For the tips on getting all the pictures.

PSM Magazine - Gave me the Ratings Tips we all needed so much. - For the Lovely blowing up the soldier while he's
pissing idea. - For informing me that you get nothing if you win
on the Big Boss rating. - For telling me a Metal Gear Rex (second form)
trick (must see). - For giving me the info. on how and what happens
when you get the third ending.

| Links |
| Here are some links to other great sites and homepages |

(I had to rush this part, I elaborate more on them later)

Second set.

Briefing Camera Fun
During more than a few of the briefing "tapes", you'll see the words "camera change" and "camera free". This lets you know that you can mess with the camera for a little something to do while you're watching them. To zoom in or out, use the square and triangle buttons. To switch cameras, use the circle button. Of course, if you have been playing the game all night and are drowsy, you'll probably figure out that the X button stops and ejects the "tape" by accident.
Submitted by R. Guile (

Change Title Screen Colors
When at the the Title Screen, simply press Up, Down, Left or Right on the d-pad to cycle through the different colors in the background graphics.
Submitted by James Lane

Defeating Metal Gear
To knock out the radome on Rex, use your stingers, but first throw out a chaff gernade or two be fore he "wakes up". Use the stingers while rex is trying to find you (but he cant sice you used the chaff gernades.) Don't wait for the target to come back after you shoot once, just wait for the smoke to clear. Don't forget to keep throwing out chaffs. After you talk to Gray Fox, use the stingers, and dont stop. If you put the stinger launcher away, the missiles will knock you down, just keep firing the stingers into the cockpit. Use you rations sparingly. Chaffs won't do any good this time, since Liquid is controling rex manualy. Remember, if you take it out of the launcher screen, you'll get knocked over by the missiles, and most likely die. Just remember you don't need the electronic site to fire.
Submitted by AJWhite464

Defeating Psycho Mantis
Before fighting Psycho Mantis plug your controller into the controller #2 slot and press any button, the screen should turn black and have the word "HIDEO" in green in the corner. After a few seconds it will go away and you can use the 2nd player controller to fighting against Mantis.

This way he won't be able to tell where your going to go because he can only read your left brain (left controller), he can't read your right brain (right cont.).
Submitted by Katze (

Defeating Sniper Wolf
To defeat Sniper Wolf, you need to go all the way back to the Armory and go into the room with six mini-rooms inside of it. Go into the top-left room using your recently acquired level 5 key card. Inside is a PSG-1 and some ammo for it.

Now go back to Sniper Wolf. You should have picked up some Daizepam by now. This will allow you to aim your PSG-1 without it shaking. Go back to Sniper Wolf and shoot her with your PSG-1.

She may be hard to spot and times because she likes to hide behind things. Look for her breathe, and wait for her to come out. Equipping your thermal goggles will also help.

Submitted by Kody Dollins

Defeating Sniper Wolf (2nd time)
Equip your nikita and run up. You will have a little fmv and then run to the lower left. Use your nikita to attack Wolf. It is easier to attack her with the missiles than to snipe her with the PS-G1. Make sure she doesn't see your missile because she might shoot it. It is easier to see her in first-person mode.
Submitted by holy protector

Defeating The Ninja
Once you've reached the Ninja hit the Ninja with your bare hands a couple of times and he will fight you the same way. After the Ninja starts to glow,(which is at the end of the fight) time the glowing and hit the Ninja with your hands. If you are hit with the glowing you will probably die.
Submitted by BUNDYMAN

Defeating the Gunner
After Meryl opens the cargo door for you in the first floor of the Tank Hangar, you should go up top and make sure you get the Mine Detector. Now go back down and through the door.

Turn on your Thermal Goggles so you can see the infrared sensors moving across the room. Make your way across the room carefully so you don't touch any of them. If you do, the doors will shut and the room will fill up with poisonous gas.

After making it through that room, you'll have to fight the Gunner. First, turn on the Mine Detector and crawl over all of the Claymore mines so you can pick them up. Then throw out a Chaff Grenade to disable the Gunner's main weapon.

With the main weapon temporarily unfunctionable, all the gunner can hit you with is the regular gun. Try to manuever yourself so that you can get behind the tank, and then throw as many grenades as you can on it.

Be sure to throw a Chaff Grenade out every time the one you previously threw out wears off. Also, there are Rations and more Grenades scattered out over the battle field. These will certainly help you make it through this fight.
Submitted by Kody Dollins (

Destroying the Generator
To blow up the generator, you need a Nikita. Simply fire it and then get in first-person mode to make it easier to aim the missile. First turn right, and go through the door straight ahead, then left and you'll be in the room with the generator. Now just run into it. The cameras may shoot it down, so you'll probably have to try this more than once.
Submitted by Kody Dollins (

Exercising Meryl
While crawling along the duct in the Holding Cells, you may look down to see Meryl in her cell exercising. Should you leave the duct immediately (down the ladder), and re-enter it again. Meryl adopts a series of power workout moves each consecutive time you view her. They are: A) sit- ups, B) single-arm push-ups, C) stretching, D) sit-ups in underwear, E) single-arm push-ups in underwear, F) stretching in underwear, G) sit-ups (same as A, and continuing with these from now on.)
Submitted by Bryan Phan (

Exploding Soldiers
After getting the stealth suit start a new game. When you find the C4 try to sneak up behind a Genome soldier and plant it but be careful. You need to be close. With any luck you will plant a C4 pak on the Soldier's back. Get back and detonate it. Sayonara Soldier!!!
Submitted by Adam Lingo

Extra Modes
The regular game is excellent, but the built-in VR Training mode is a definate must.

At first there is only one choice, Practice. Finish all 10 stages, then you gain Time Attack, where the difficulty is heightened a little, but shouldn't be a problem besides the time limit.

Complete these 10 and you gain Gun Shooting mode, in which the difficulty is at max, and you HAVE to kill ALL the guards to progress within the time limit. You are given a Socom regular gun with supressor silencer and 5 bullets per guard. If you run out of bullets, you'll have to choke your way out.

If you can finish these 10 stages, one last stage can be chosen, Survival Mission, where you rush through all 10 stages one after another, in under 7 minutes. You start with 30 bullets and dead guards drop bullets. Good luck, if you can complete this, you are a true Metal Gear Solid Master.
Submitted by

Fa-Mas Tracer Trick
First you need to get the bandana. To do this, DO NOT submit to Revolver Ocelots torture. When you complete the game and start over, you will have the bandana.

Now start your second game and play up to the part where you get the level 2 keycard. Go to the Armory Basement Level 2 and get the Fa-Mas and Fa-Mas ammo.

Now on your bullet counter in the lower right hand corner of your screen, you'll see that the last three shots are colored red. Fire the Fa-Mas until you use up all of the yellow shots and reach the red ones.

These are your tracers, and they trail when you fire them damaging things that they hit as badly as your normal Fa-Mas ammo would. Now put on your bandana. Because the bandana tricks the computer into thinking that you didn't fire your last shot, you will now fire all tracers. This acts as a "guidance system" of sorts and allows you to aim the fa-mas just as acurrately as the socom.
Submitted by Steve Ventimiglia (

Fast Travel
To move about through the complex faster, hide inside a cargo truck and use a C.Box. Remain perfectly still and a guard will drive the box to the area noted on the box. (There are three boxes, each to a different location.)
Submitted by Leiter (

First Person Nikita Missile
You can go into first person mode with the nikita missles by launching the missle, then pressing triangle. However you can only do this for a certain amount of time or else it will blow up. this comes in handy when fighting Sniper Wolf, and also blowing up the electric panel source.
Submitted by Acron

Frequency for Meryl
The frequency for Meryl is 140.15. This is helpful if you are renting the game and don't have the cd case.
Submitted by

Fun with Hal Emorick
When fighting the ninja lean aganst the locker that Hal is in and knock on it. He will make a funny whineing sound.
Submitted by Marc Wolff

GameShark v1.0 & v1.1 Codes

For version 1.0 Gameshark

Have all Weapons
50000902 0000
800b7532 03e7
50000902 0000
800b7546 03e7

Have all Items
50001202 0000
800b755a 0001
50000302 0000
800b7580 0001

Mine Detector

MO Disc

Never Reload

PAL Keycard



Press L1 For Cold PAL Key

Press R1 For Normal PAL Key

Press R2 For Hot PAL Key

Steath Suit

Thermal Goggles


Nikita And Ammo

PSG1 Rifle And Ammo

Stinger And Ammo

Stun Grenade



Cardboard Box A

Cardboard Box B

Cardboard Box C



Infinite Health

Level 10 Key


FAMAS Rifle And Ammo


Infinite Air

SOCOM Pistol And Ammo

Extra Ammo C4

Extra Ammo Claymore

Extra Ammo FAMAS

Extra Ammo Nikita

Extra Ammo PSG1

Extra Ammo SOCOM

Extra Ammo Stinger

Body Armor




Night Vision Goggles


Chaff Grenade


For version 1.1 Gameshark

Walk Thru Walls

800b7564 0001

SOCOM Pistol and Ammo
800b753a 0019

Stealth Suit
800b7576 0001

Stinger and Ammo
800b7542 0004

Stun Grenade
800b7548 0003

800b7590 0000

Thermal Goggles
800b756e 0001

800b758e 0001

Infinite Air
800ae1b4 03e8

Infinite Health [Note 1]
800b752e 03e8

800b7574 0001

Level 10 Key
800b7584 000a

800b757e 0002

Mine Detector
800b7588 0001

MO Disk
800b758a 0001

Never Have Time Bomb
800b7586 0000

Extra Ammo Nikita
80068fe0 0001

Extra Ammo FAMAS Rifle
800682f4 0001

Extra Ammo Claymore
800698d8 0001

Extra Ammo C-4
80069c24 0001

800b7580 0002

800b7544 0006

800b7562 0001

Never Reload
800ae16c 000d

Night Vision Goggles
800b756c 0001

800b753e 0008

800b7570 0001

FAMAS Rifle and Ammo
800b753c 0065

Extra Ammo Stinger
80069524 0001

Extra Ammo SOCOM Pistol
80067cd8 0001

Extra Ammo PSG1 Rifle
8006a378 0001

Nikita and Ammo
800b7540 0004

800b7582 0001

PSG1 Rifle and Ammo
800b754c 0005

800b757c 0002

800b758c 0001

Cardboard Box C
800b756a 0001

Chaff Grenade
800b754a 0003

800b7578 0001

Body Armor
800b7572 0001

800b7546 0004

800b757a 0001

Cardboard Box B
800b7568 0001

Cardboard Box A
800b7566 0001

Get the Bandana
To get the Bandana, wich gives you infinite ammomo and no auto re-loads, play up until you get to Ocelots Torture Rack. If you make it out of The Rack without dying or giving up, when you beat the game, you will get the Good ending, where you save Meryl. She will give you the Bandana, and then once the credits a through, you can save your game. Save it and then load it up again. Look into your inventoy and you will see the Bandana.
Submitted by Bandana

Get the Camera
To get the camera, when you get a Level 6 keycard go to the first building (Tank Hanger), Then take the Elevator down to Basement 2. Go into the hall before the Room where you fought Ocelot. Then there should be a spot where you can blow a hole in the wall with C4, when you blow it up there are two rooms, The camera is in one of the rooms, and there is ammo and a ration around in there also.
Submitted by

Getting Sick
If you fail in Revolver's torture room and come into close contact with Sasaki (the guard patrolling outside your prison cell), you can catch the flu. This flu makes you sneeze every minute or so. You can cure this flu with medicine. This medicine is a green box with a red cross on top of it. Another way to catch a cold is as follows:

When you're being held in the cell between Ocelot's torture tests, the guard talks loudly to himself about his cold, then runs to the bathroom. This is the point that most people usually break out of the cell. If you stick around and don't use the ketchup though, you will be treated to Ocelot's hospitality yet again. Survive, and you will be in the cell, and the sick guard will get the runs again. NOW you can break out of the cell. Give Snake a little time in the snow, and he will catch a cold, and start sneezing every minute or so. the sound will probably give you away to your enemies, so ask Otacon if there is anything he can do for you.
Submitted by Josh Brian Davis ( and Jeff (
Ghost Images
First, you need to obtain the camera either by [A] Finishing the game with the ending where Meryl dies and starting that newly created save file with the camera automatically in your inventory or ...

[B] Getting at least as far as defeating Liquid Snake in the hind helicopter sequence, then going to the room located in Base 1, floor B-2 with a Level 7 cardkey where there are two autoguns you will have to use C4 explosives to the wall below and to the right of the bottom entrance to the room where you fight Revolver Ocelot -- in one of the two rooms here, the camera is located in the top one. BTW if you run into a jammed door that you should be able to, try using a C4 explosive on it and trying to it then.

In either case, here is how you see "Ghosts". Make sure you have at least 2 blocks free on a memory card to save at least one picture Take pictures of different things and you may find a "Ghost" image of different programmers, artists, etc. superimposed on your new snapshot Ive found two by taking pictures of the ravens on the last major elevator and one by snapping a shot of the dead guy in the prison cell.

Here are the locations for all 43 Spirit photos:

Kojima: Otacon lab (the picture frame to the right)
Matsuhana: Hallway of corpses (outside Otacons lab)
Sato: Comm Twr A (roof destroyed by a Hind D missiles)
Nakamura: In Meryl's blood pool (where she is sniped)
Shinkawa: Deep in Sniper Wolfs hallway behind the second pillar
Uehara: Edge of elevator (the one were the ravens are)
Negishi: Sewage waterfall
Mizutani: When fighting Metal Gear
Korekado: Men's retroom
Sasaki: Picture frames in the Commanders room
Sonoyama: Torture machine
Toyota: Container in the middle of Raven's warehouse
Kozyou: Behind the watertank-like structure in the Canyon
Shimizu: Wolf dog cave (first crawling point)
Kaneda: The mirror located in the Women's restroom
Fukushima: Heliport,looking out to sea from cliff
Takade: Ninja room,glass atedga
Fujimura: Elevator,in the Comm Twr B complex
Shikama: Electic floor
Kimura: MG underground base,tip of of Metal Gear 'srailgun
Kobayashi: Rock in canyon
Okajima: Maggots of the real DARPA Chef in cell
Nishimura: Next to Baker's corpse
Mukaide: Reflection in wolfdog cave puddle
Onoda: Where Baker is tied up
Kitao: Decoy Octopus (fake DARPA chief) corpse
Yoshimura: Dead end ofair duct
Hirano: Elevator (Comm Twr B) deep in the shaft of top level
Muraoka: Water in cargo dock
Ishiyama: Heliport top of building
Ito: Inside elevator to tank hangar
Jerem Blaustein: Sniper Wolfs corpse
Yoshioka: Bridge on the third floor of the the blast furnace
Mori: Lowest point of elevator (Comm Twr B)
Kinbara: Darck area of stairs
Tougo: End of boiler room (in Blast Furnace where the stemeam is)
Makimura: Hidden armory store room behnd the weakened wall)
Kutome: Observation room
Tanaka: Heliport,sleeping soilder
Shigeno: Heliport,security caera by staircase
Yamashita: Tip of nuke warhead in nukestorage room
Kobayashi: Johnny Sasaki holding cell, near DARPA chief
Scott Dolph: Way down in the dark from the walkway between Comm Tower A and B

Submitted by James Lane and Michael Nescio
Jail Break
When you are in your jail sell after being tortured, you can get out with out the help of Otacon. The guard is very sick and has the runs. When he leaves to go to the bathroom crawl under the bed and wait for him to come back. When he sees your gone he will run to the jail cell and open it. When he first gets to the door quickly get out from under the bed and when he comes in you knock him down once, and he will be out for good. Also if you call Otacon he will give you some stuff and one thing he gives you is ketchup. When the guard leaves lay on the ground with the ketchup equiped in your items. It will look like your bleeding when he comes back he will think you are dead when he opens the door knock him down and your out.
Submitted by Jeremy Jennings (

Knockout Punch
Hit Triangle+Square 5 times to charge up then do rapid punch and in 10 punches it will kill any boss.
Submitted by Dylan Obernesser (

Mad Mei Ling
This is a code to make Mei Ling angry with you. Keep calling her over and over without saving. If you do it enough (8-10 times) she will stop talking to you and the stick her tongue out at you.
Submitted by Jim D. (

Mantis Memory
The Mantis reacts with startlingly correct witticisms depending on the save games of other Konami games you have on your memory card. Try confronting him with a Castlevania, ISS Soccer, Suikoden or Silent Hill save game on your memory card for startling revelations.
Submitted by Bryan Phan (

Meryl's Undergarments
In the Women's Restroom where you meet up with Meryl prior to the Psycho Mantis confrontation, if you follow Meryl straight in and move up to the top stall within five seconds. Meryl will not have time to properly change, and spends the first part of the conversation without her combat pants on.
Submitted by Bryan Phan (

Nice Wolves
Method 1: When you first enter the caves, kill all the wolves. Meet up with Meryl, and kill those dogs there. Leave only the small one. Shoot Meryl with the Socom, then immediately equip a Cardboard Box. The little dog will pee on the box. Now whenever you are in the cave, equip the Box that the dog peed on and the Wolfs will leave you alone.

Method 2: Simply equip Sniper Wolf's hankerchief.
Submitted by Allen Nuccio (

Policenauts Guest Appearance
After you defeat Ninja for the first time, and meet up with Otacon, he tells a story about Japanese Metal Gear prototypes. In the movie, seens from Konami's japanese game, Policenauts can be seen.
Submitted by Joey (

See Through Mantis's Eyes
When battling Psycho Mantis, hold in the Triangle (1st Person View) button. Instead of seeing through Snake's eyes, you will see through Mantis's.
Submitted by Schuyler Schuster (

Sharp Dressed Man
When you start your game for the third time on the same save, your memory card icon will be the ninja, and Snake will be wearing a tuxedo. Also the "Cyber Ninja" will be in a red costume sort of like spider-man
Submitted by Exotek

Shy Meryl
When walking around with Meryl, if you keep staring at her in first-person mode. Meryl starts blushing, turning embarrassed and tapping her gun to her leg. Keep looking at her, and she turns more and more red, whispering embarrassed little questions.
Submitted by Bryan Phan (

Silent, Deadly, and Easy Neck Snap
Sneak up, unarmed, behind a guard. When close, tap the square button really quickly ten times. This way you don't have to risk any ruckus.
Submitted by

Stats when fighting Liquid
When fighting hand to hand with Liquid at the end, hit the circle button on the second controller and it shows the stats of the fight.
Submitted by RħH TH标R͍Ḵlt;br>
Stealth Suit
To get the Stealth, wich makes you invisible to all enemies except for Wolfs and bosses, play up until you get to Ocelots Torture Rack. Submit to Ocelot by pressing SELECT. After the game is beaten, you will get the bad ending where Meryl dies and you escape with Otacon. He will give you his Stealth suit. Watch the credits, then save your game. After you save, go to the Main Menu and load your game. Look in your inventory, you will find the Stealth Suit.
Submitted by Allen Nuccio (

Thermal goggle tips
When you play in a harder mode without the rader, the mine dector doesn't work. But if you use the thermal goggles you can see the mines. Also when fighting Mantis he likes to disapear. Just pop out the thermal goggles when he disapears and you can see him.
Submitted by RħH TH标R͍Ḵlt;br>
Torture Tips
This tip contains a minor spoiler. You've been warned.

As you probably know, there are no continues in the torture event. If you lose, you start at your last save. So this won't be a huge loss, remember to save after beating Sniper Wolf. The torture event is coming very soon afterwards.

If you want the best ending, don't submit to the torture. It gets more difficult on the higer difficulty levels, but it never gets impossibly hard.

After getting through two tortures, you will have a chance to escape. When the guard runs to the bathroom, hide under the bed. When he says, "He's gone!" and runs to the door, hop out and snap his neck.

After you get your stuff back, get rid of the "Timer B." It's a time bomb.
Submitted by Michael Kelehan (

Third set.

Metal Gear Solid Faq (well, sort of) - by Mark Stephenson

After paying Metal Gear Solid a few times I've noticed a few sticking points
where the solution to the problem may seem obscure or knowledge of japanese is

I'm writing this mini-faq to help those non-japanese amongst us(yes, including
me)to solve the puzzles.

TO SAVE - Press select(to bring up the radio), highlight the top right option,
select the top option.

Okay, here they are.

1.There are walls on the B2 floor that can be blown up(use the C4), one of these
leads to another section.

2.After getting the level 2 key and the mine detector, meryl should contact you.
Stand by the door in the main room, near to where the tank was on the circular
markings. You can also contact Meryl if you know her frequency(40.15). If
nothing happens just keep talking to her, kill all the guards in the room and
talk to the other people aswell.

3. Use your mine detector to avoid the mines, or crawl along to pick them up.

4. Throw grenades onto the tank to kill the gunners. Use chaff grenades to
prevent the tank from shooting you.

5. To get past the electrified floor use your Nikita missile and blow up the
generator, use your map to locate it.

6. Punch the ninja boss to kill him(can you find the playstation in the room?)

7. Wait for the guard to go into the ladies toliets(right room), it's Meryl in

8. PSYCHO MANTIS - Use Stun grenades to prevent Meryl from shooting you and
herself. Use Socom, Fa Mas and punching to damage Mantis. When he disappears use
thermal goggles to locate him.

9. Use Stun grenades on dogs. Look for the crawl places to reach Meryl.

10. Once Meryl has been shot go back to the room where you C4'd the walls and
find the sniper rifle in one of the rooms. Go back and kill Sniper Wolf(and yes
you can shoot the rats above her).

11.To escape from prison go through the torture scene and then back into the
cell. The guard should have a cold(if he doesn't go through the torture again),
watch him and he should run to the toilet. The scientist guy(the one in the
ninja room) should come while he's away. Get the scarf and ketchup from him and
hide under the bed. The guard will now come in and wonder where you are. Stay
under the bed until he opens the door and then punch him a few times to daze

12.You should have a level 6 card by now(if you want you can go to floor B2 and
find the camera near the boss room). Go back to where you fought Sniper Wolf and
through the door.

13.In the next section you are seen whatever you do so just grab the rope and
run up the stairs throwing stun grenades to stun the guards.

14.At the top of the building run to the topmost side of the building and you
should start the swing down. This section is tricky because you have to avoid
the gunfire, steam and negotiate your way down the building use swing, jump,
drop technique. The door at the bottom can be blown with C4 to unfreeze it, if
you need to go back later.

15. Use your Stinger Missiles on the helicopter and use the radar to locate him.

16. SNIPER WOLF - Same as the first time, just fire from the area by the left
tree. It's tricky though as there are a few collision and accuracy problems but
it should be too hard.

17.Back up against the wall by the moving crane and duck under when moves
towards you. To go back there is a lift by the exit.

18.VULCAN RAVEN - Just use grenades to kill him, easy peasy.

19.Use the PAL card on the laptops. The PAL card, when you drop it, is in the
water below, use thermal goggles if you can't find it.

20.The PAL card is temperature activated. The change it go to where Vulcan Raven
was and stand around for a minute or 2, the card will change. To change it again
go to where the crane was and do the same.

21.To escape from the gas, use your radio to contact the scientist, after a few
seconds he'll shut it down.

22.METAL GEAR & LIQUID SNAKE - Use your chaff grenades to block to rador and
then take out the Gears radar(Pod on left of Metal Gear) with your Stingers.
Hide behind the boxes for cover against the missiles. There are items around the
sides of the room if you need more ammo or health.

23. Get in the jeep with the scientist and shoot the barrels by the door to blow
the door.

Thats it the rest is easy. BTW MGS is like Resident Evil in that it logs your
time, ammo used, saves, etc and it gives you special items at the end. Guess
what item you get at the end?

Well, I hope that helped. I'd like to do a more detailed guide but I'm a busy
person. This should help people who are stuck. Feel free to post this
everywhere, anyhow.