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Defeating Ruby & Emerald Weopons.
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Defeating Ruby & Emerald Weopons.


To defeat ruby weapon easilly get your knights of the round to enable you to cast 2 of them.Then get the w-summon materia from battle square.equip mystile that you can get from three places so you have it on all three characters.The first is from the midgar raid.The second one at north cave.And the last from ultimate weapon.The mystile causes alot of spells from hitting their target (like the ultima he uses on your party when he casts ultima).Also go to the North crater where sephiroth is and morph two master tonberies into 2 ribbons to take care of his static attacks.then kill your other to comrads(after mastering 2 mime materia of course but you should of done that before you fought Emerald weapon so you should have it already.but if not do it now!!!!!!!!!!)Ok now equip your master mime to your counter command materia.Then equip nights of the round to hp absorb materia then equip your w-summon.p.s. If you don`t have the first ribbon from the temple of the ancients then morph 3 master tonberies into 3 ribbons.All you have to do is cast the knights of the round twice then mime him to death.


To easilly defeat Emerald get 3 mime Materia by mastering two of them.Then get knights of the round materia to 2 summons.And get the w-summon materia from battle square at gold saucer.Then go to the under water reacter to morph a gost ship into the guide book.Exchange the guide book at kalm for the underwater materia.When you get those equip knights of the round to the magic turbo materia on cloud.also equip him with the counter materia(the command counter one)with mime.equip w-summon on him as well.just cast knights of the round twice and mime it till he`s dead.(TIP::^_^ Equip materia that needs alot of ap to be mastered on your characters because Emerald weapon gives you 50,000 ap and experience.)

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